2800 Auto Plaza Drive, Suite 140
Tracy, CA 95304

"It is never too late,
you are never to hurt,
you are never to sick to start from scratch once again."

Our Students Testimonials..!!

Don lowers his blood pressure, loses 25 pounds and
is breathing better since starting yoga.

James tried yoga for his wife, he stayed
because it healed his chronic back pain.

Jonah Prepares for Spring Training with Bikram Yoga

Rachel Manages Rheumatoid Arthritis with Bikram Yoga

Steve Uses Bikram Yoga to Lower his
Blood Pressure and Manage Diabetes

Angie lost 50 pounds (no dieting!!) with Bikram Yoga.

More Great Testimonials

"Beautiful facility with a welcoming environment and staff. "
- Heather Onesto 

"I love Bikram Yoga! The only thing I don't like is the fact that I cant go as often as I would like. All of the teachers are amazing, and I enjoy learning and being pushed by them. By body feels great after class, and I see immediate results from class to class."

- Nathan Janway 

"Great challenging workout. My body and mind felt great after the class. Friendly, knowledgable teachers. The studio and changing rooms were super clean. Nice selection of cute hot yoga clothes for sale
- Bernadette Guidry

"Friendly teachers, beautiful & clean studio After having 2 surgeries on my right knee, I've had painful issues in my knees, which lead to hip & lower back problems. Bikram has made me feel like a whole new person! The best therapy for your body & mind! Thank you Tom & Jonalyn!"
- Jessie Fansano 

"The yoga studio is fabulous! The temperature and humidity are kept at an optimal level.Tom and Jonnalyn are running a great and healthy for all business."

- Tom Henry 

"One of the things I like to do when I am out of town is visit Bikram yoga studios in the town I'm visiting. I've been to about 15 different studios around the state and country. Last week I visited the Tracy Bikram studio and I was so impressed with the studio! The studio is beautiful, inviting, warm, and soothing, a perfect place to step into for your yoga practice! The heating system works perfectly with no spikes in the heat or humidity. But I think most importantly, the owners and staff are so friendly and genuinely happy to see you and willing to help you in any way they can. Tracy is lucky to have such a beautiful Bikram studio in their town!"

- Bobbie Jo Harr 

"Every class is quite inspiring, thanks to every teacher. Friendly and caring owners/teachers. Comfortable, clean, and well designed studio, reception, and bathrooms. Class schedules are very convenient. Can't complain so keep up the great work!"

- Anon 

"I went in with an open mind, empty cup and the thought that the heat would be too much. My cup was filled with an awesome experience and though I did feel a bit nauseous for a second from the heat and the fact I was tired from just working an all nighter, it dissipated and the experience was just phenomenal! Tom is an incredible instructor. I really enjoyed the command presence he showed and the other people in class were so helpful! It was definitely an incredible experience that I look forward to having again."

- Terence Stanley 

"Jonalyn is an amazing teacher and an equally amazing, kind human being! She taught the exact class I needed. It was perfect."

- Lori Green 

"Bikram yoga has helped me in so many ways. I came to my first class with a torn meniscus in my right knee and arthritis in my left hip. After just a few sessions I had no more knee pain and a better range of motion in my hip. Tom, Janalyn and the entire staff at Tracy Bikram Yoga are amazing and so helpful in their instruction. I have recommended several friends to this practice and each one of them has not been disappointed."

- Dena Carver 

"Love this place!"

- Amy Perez 

"I definitely give it five stars. The instructors are patient kind and never make you feel intimidated even if you are a true beginner like me. After just one class. I signed up for a month. I never saw myself as a person that would even do yoga. But after trying it out. I'm hooked. And I'm looking forward to more flexibility in better health."

- Reggie Lyle 

"Great instructors, great studio and I feel great! Thank you for all the help and encouragement! Jonalyn, you rock!"

- Adam Broomhead

14 Days Unlimited Yoga 
Rapid Results Challenge
*Local residents only
who do not have a current package
or have attended class in the last 6 months. 

Class starts on date of first use. 
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